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About Me

Hi, my name is Mohsin.  My father is from the Himalayan region of Ghandara and my mother is from Tipperary in Eireland.  I was born in the United Kingdom and currently live in Manchester.  

This website started out as a place to store my photos, but I have since expanded it to include teachings on yoga and some of my more general writings.  

I am an Aquarian, with the Sun conjunct my North Node in Aquarius, second house, so I am deeply committed to the principles of the Aquarian Age, and have been fighting that cause full time since 2005. To me the Aquarian Age represents a new consciousness, a higher consciousness, which is the dawning of a new age for humanity,  the zodiacal Age of Aquarius.  That new era is still many centuries away, but the Grand Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn at the Winter Solstice of 2020, occurring at the ingress of Aquarius, marks the next 20 years as a critical time when those who are alive today can make that transition now, and avoid the suffering and cataclysms that will mark the end of the current zodiacal era.  This site is a guide for those who wish to choose that higher path. 

As for my own experience of yoga, in 2020 I achieved one of the higher attainments of yoga that relate to the path of direct seeing.  This site contains my own teachings related to that attainment.  It also contains a record of my own experience and perspective on yoga, as well as an account of the siddhi's that have been developing from my subtle body, and the use of those siddhi's to probe the nature of reality.  It is intended specifically for the committed and dedicated student of yoga, but will also appeal to those with a more general interest in matters spiritual or  parapsychological.

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