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About Me

Hi, my name is Mohsin.  I am half Indian and half Irish, with my my father coming from the Himalayan regions of northwestern Pakistan and my mother from Tipperary in southern Ireland.  I was born in England and currently live in Abertawe, Wales.  

This website started out as a place to showcase my photos, but I have since expanded it to include teachings on yoga and some of my amateur art projects.  

I am an Aquarian, with the Sun conjunct my North Node in Aquarius, second house, so I am deeply committed to the principles of the Aquarian Age, and have been fighting that cause full time since 2005. To me the Aquarian Age represents a new consciousness, a higher consciousness, which is the dawning of a new age for humanity,  the zodiacal Age of Aquarius.  Although that new era is still many centuries away, this site is a guide for those who wish to choose that higher path today. 

I work with the authentic Kundalini of my Himalayan and Indian ancestors, which is a very pure form of yoga.  In 2020 I achieved one of the higher attainments of that yoga that relate to the path of direct seeing.  This site contains my own teachings related to that attainment.  It also contains a record of my own experience and perspective on yoga, as well as an account of the siddhi's that have been developing from my subtle body, and the use of those siddhi's to probe the nature of reality.  My academic background is in Physics and Mathematics, and that is reflected in a rigorous philosophical approach to yoga and the  investigation of the nature of reality.

Viewing and reading the content of this website is not yoga.  Yoga is a holistic path, and the Kundalini yoga that I follow is only suitable for the very committed and dedicated student of yoga that is ready to take their practice to a higher level.  It is a Kundalini Yoga based on the Indian practice of tapasya, or austerities, and which acts as the basis for purification and the development of a powerful and disciplined will, which is essential if one is to cope with the terrific rigours of a Kundalini awakening of this type. 

Throughout the ages practising austerities has never been popular, but today, with climate change and ecological destruction, it is obvious to very many people that the way we live is harmful, and that if we love life then we need to abandon the modern industrialised life as it currently exists.  That was my motivation, and to that end I undertook many austerities, such as not flying or driving, taking a vow of poverty, living a vegan lifestyle, non cooperation or a personal satyagraha with the industrial system, and generally practicing a very simple and compassionate way of life. 

This was done out of a love for life, and so at the same time I also committed myself full-time to largely unpaid social and environmental activism, and to studying in minute detail the nature of mind and reality.   In 2011, having followed this path for 6 years, the Kundalini-Yoga of my ancestors unexpectedly awakened, and that is when my yoga became very real, and arduous, and I made very rapid progress.  So this Kundalini Yoga is only suitable for those who have a real dedication and passion for manifesting the higher love of yoga, and are ready to make the necessary personal sacrifices.  That requires very dedicated and loving people, and I hope that by publishing this website these teachings may come to those who are ready, and who are thus able to practice this very difficult and challenging Kundalini Yoga.  For all others who come to this site, I hope you gain wisdom, heart, inspiration and clarity from its teachings.

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